Jul 15, 2011

Absolut cool.

Absolut always hits the spot with their advertising. For decades now they haven't changed much about their campaigns and still manage to turn heads with them. Now, the downside to this might be that it still does advertise alcohol, but let's face it, most ads from companies that sell stuff which can make you do bad things (alcohol, cigarettes, condoms) are just plain awesome and will always be remembered. Or who do you remember best: The man that wanted you to buy veggies from the farm on the other side of town, or THE MARLBORO MAN? That's what I thought.

So here's Absolut's new media campaign, brought straight to you by TBWA Chiat Day


Jul 10, 2011


I am now on Pinterest and it's already becoming an addiction of mine. Maybe it'll replace Facebook as the all time addictive website that I only check back with every half hour because the rest of my life is so boring! At least Pinterest is productive, inspiring and creative :)

This is how it works: you sign up and start virtually pinning stuff you find on the internet and want to keep on a virtual to-do-list to virtual boards which you can organize by different aspects. What sounds like your average social network experience is actually really fun and simple. You can find my page at pinterest.com/merrychris/ and see what I've pinned within the last hour.

If you want to sign up you need an invitation or you sign up on Pinterest's waiting list. You can write me a mail if you want me to send you an invitation :)

Jul 6, 2011

Sometimes it's so easy to make everything ok.

Wow, what a simple and intriguing idea! A plain ol' button that you have to press in order to make everthing ok. This website just made my day, and I'm not being ironic here! People worry all the time about everything: "Did I turn off
Screenshot from make-everything-ok.com
the oven? Did I leave the light on? Does my boss hate me? Does my boyfriend love me? Are we being attacked by terrorists? Bla bla bla bla?" Most of these worries are, of course, obsolete. We complicate our lives by worrying all the time because we don't have any time left to enjoy the good stuff. This little gadget makes you realize instantly that worrying is a waste of time (mostly).

So please do me a favor, go to make-everything-ok.com press the button and be ok, at least for today. You can press it again tomorrow :)