Well hello there.

I am the girl behind the blog. Nice to meet you!
This is my first time writing a blog and I am not yet sure where it is going to lead me. If you write a blog too, you'll know what I mean. I don't know if anyone is ever going to read the stuff I post, but if you're reading this, I guess there is. So thank you.

This blog started out as something to do for reasons of procrastination. I am currently a student of art history at the university of Mainz, Germany, and my one and only task at the moment is to write my thesis. A monster of 80 pages plus, which has not been my best friend in the past months. I write about the advertisment posters of the art school Bauhaus which is a really interesting and cool topic. But I am really good at distracting myself. Something which the whole existence of this blog is proof of.

Hence, I can't say if it (the blog) is going to keep existing in the future because after finishing my thesis I plan on leading a very busy and exciting life (fingers crossed). I might not have anything to distract myself from.

I hope you find my verbal spillings entertaining. If you have any questions, objections, ideas, whatever, contact me via Twitter or Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!