Jun 30, 2011

Underestimated Stuttgart

Last weekend I visited Stuttgart, where I stayed with a good friend of mine for two days and attended a wedding of a classmate. Since I love taking pictures with the Hipstamatic app (as about a gazillion other people do) I do snapshots of random things like compositions of furniture and other objects and just basically everything pretty or strange. They come out so much more artsy with this app. I almost feel bad because I let my Canon rot in a drawer at home most of the time...

So here are a few impressions of my friend's cute apartment. She lives in the attic of an old house, which you can only access by climbing a stair that doesn't deserve the name stair because it is almost vertical. Here are her kitchen cupboards.
She got this clock from a thrift store and changed the background by putting wrapping paper in it. She also substituted the original pendulum with a bird she made herself.
The vases on the left are a present that I brought her for her birthday. They are just plain Sanbitter bottles (a non-alcoholic aperitivo italiano) that I wrapped with differend bows. Since my man drinks them a lot I have made them my favorite gift idea of the summer.
This little pendant hangs on her bathroom door and was also handmade by a friend of hers. They're all so crafty down in Stuttgart!
We took a trip to Ludwigsburg, which is not far from Stuttgart and has one of the biggest baroque castles in the WORLD - or at least in Germany. And Germany has many, many baroque castles. For the two of us, as almost former students of art history, it was a must-see.

In the courtyard there was a huge exhibition of old and new Maybachs and old coach buses.
See here the stylish dashboard of an old Maybach. I wish there were still cars around with a decor like this! So classy.
The chairs that I could have taken home right away, were it not for their unhandy shape and the watchful guide. And probably the alarm.

And last but not least: Have you ever seen a real flowering meadow like this one anywhere else than in children's books or your grandma's photo album? It just makes me want to lie in it all day looking at the clouds and going home with a big bunch of these beauties in my arms. Ah, dreams.

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